A computer simulation has suggested that global temperatures could rise by 1.4-3.0C above levels for late last century by 2050, the BBC reported. 据英国广播公司报导,电脑仿真表明,到2050年全球气温哈密顿上世纪的水平增高1.4至3.0摄氏度。Almost 10,000 climate simulations were run on volunteers home computers. The researchers aimed to explore a wider range of possible futures, which they say helps get a handle on the uncertainties of the climate system. 志愿者的家用电脑上运营了近万个模拟程序。研究人员的目标是探寻未来气温更加普遍的可能性,他们回应,这有助解读气候系统诸多的不确定性。The projections are somewhat higher than those from other models. 这次预测的气温变化比其它模型的预测结果要低一些。

The low end of their range is similar to that of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its 2007 report, but the high end is somewhat above the range their analysis produced.变化范围的底端和政府间气候变化专门委员会2007年报告中的结论相近,但是顶端略高于专门委员会分析的结果。