Chinas top smartphone maker Xiaomi has reshuffled its ecosystem strategy by launching a new brand, Mijia, to fully explore the smart home sector, founder Lei Jun announced at a media conference held in Beijing last Tuesday.中国仅次于的智能手机制造商小米近日发售了全新品牌“Mijia米家”,以此充份考古智能家居行业的创造力。该公司创始人雷军于上周二在北京开会了新闻发布会。The move is aimed at differentiating products made by Xiaomi itself and its ecosystem partners, according to Lei. He predicted that products sold by these companies via its own e-commerce platform would exceed 10 billion Yuan this year.据雷军讲解,此举目的通过区分小米本身和它的生态系统合作伙伴的产品。他预测,今年在该公司自己的电子商务平台mi.com销售的产品预计多达100亿元。


The first product to enter the market under the brand Mijia is a smartphone-controlled induction heating pressure rice cooker.米家转入市场的第一个品牌产品是由智能手机掌控的感应器压力冷却电饭煲。Users can scan the barcode on their rice bags so the device can cook the rice according to brand, type, and origin.Currently, the app can identify 200 brands of rice, and that category will be expanded with the growth of its customer base. The rice cooker is priced above most Chinese-made ones, at 999 Yuan and will be available on March 31.用户可以扫瞄大米袋的条形码,之后该设备就可以根据其品牌,型号,产地的有所不同来做饭。目前该程序可以辨识200个品牌的大米,随着消费者的减少可辨识的品牌将不会不断扩大。

该电饭煲的价格多达了大部分国产电饭煲,售价999元,将于3月31日上市。There would be a new product from this ecosystem each quarter, Lei added.雷军补足说,每个季度米家都会发售该生态系统的一个新产品。Previously, under the Xiaomi brand, Huami Inc., which was founded in 2014, had sold 18.5million fitness-tracking wristbands, ranking No 2 in the smart wearable sector globally.此前,小米旗下的华米公司于2014年正式成立,售出了1850万件运动智能手环,在全球智能穿戴五品中名列第二。

Likewise, Zimi Tech had sold 46.9 million portable power rechargers and Smartmi (or Zhimi in Chinese) had sold one million units of air purifiers each year, Lei said at the conference.雷军在发布会上回应,某种程度地,紫米科技每年售出4690万个电池宝,智米每年售出100万个空气净化器。Xiaomi has been building an ecosystem around its core business since two and a half years ago. In addition to making smartphones, it also makes start-ups, Lei said.自两年半以来,小米致力于环绕其核心业务创建一套生态系统。雷军说,除了生产智能手机,它也在“创建创业公司”。


He said Xiaomi has invested in 55 companies, at a speed of one company each every 15days. The experienced venture capital investor added that 29 companies were set up by Xiaomi from the scratch, including naming, organizing management teams and choosing products to manufacture.雷军回应,小米以每15天一家公司的速度投资了55家公司。这位经验丰富的风险资本投资者说道,其中29家是由小米公司手把手创建的,还包括命名、管理团队的创建和从产品到工厂的自由选择。Among the 55 ecosystem companies, 20 already have their own products, five have gained an annual revenue of more than 100 million Yuan and two have raked in one billion Yuan yearly.在这55家生态系统公司中,其中20家早已享有自己的产品,五家的年营业额多达了1亿元,两家多达了10亿元。