本文摘要:The current best prediction is 1 April (no, this is not an April Fool’s joke).现阶段最强有力的预测分析是4月1号(这并不是圣诞节嘲笑)。


The current best prediction is 1 April (no, this is not an April Fool’s joke).现阶段最强有力的预测分析是4月1号(这并不是圣诞节嘲笑)。But again, because of its speed, it could be at least a day either side of that.可是,由于天宫一号在焚毁时正处在高速运行中,也有可能是4月1号的前后左右二天。

The Aerospace Corporation, a nonprofit organization in the United States, estimated that the re-entry of Tiangong I would occur over Spain, France or Portugal, though an exact location is still hard to pinpoint.英国非盈利的机构航天航空企业估计天宫一号有可能在意大利、荷兰或西班牙地区掉落在,可是确立的地址基本相同。No. The chances of being hit by part of the space station are basically zero.沒有适度。


被天宫一号的碎片打中的概率彻底为零。In terms of size, Tiangong-1 is only the 50th largest spacecraft to come down, and there have been no recorded deaths or injuries from people being struck by debris from any of them.在焚毁的航天飞机里边,天宫一号的容积仅有分列在第50位,而先前没一切纪录说明有些人被焚毁的航天飞机残片打中并导致伤亡。However, a highly toxic and corrosive substance called hydrazine, which is often used in creating potent rocket fuel, can potentially survive re-entry.殊不知,掉落在全过程中有可能有一种起名叫联氨的有毒腐蚀化学物质不容易残留在残片上,这类化学物质常常被用于生产制造火箭推进剂。

For your safety, do not touch any debris you may find on the ground or inhale vapors it may emit, an online statement released by the space agency said.国家航天局发布的在网上公示称作:“为了更好地安全系数考虑,要求不必碰触地面上的航天飞机残片,也不必排出来残片弥漫着的汽体。”It was launched unmanned but was designed to be habitable, to test docking with other craft, and to be used for conducting experiments.天宫一号起飞的情况下没载客,可是设计方案念头是可载客的,用于检测与别的宇宙飞船接入并进行一系列试验。

Tiangong I had completed six space rendezvous and docking missions with three visiting spacecraft. The first visit was by an unmanned spacecraft called Shenzhou VIII in November 2011, as part of Chinas first space docking mission.天宫一号早就顺利完成了6次室内空间交会,并和3艘宇宙飞船搭建了接入。第一次接入是在二零一一年十一月与神舟八号没有人宇宙飞船接入,这也是我国初次外太空接入每日任务的一部分。The second and third missions were both manned: Shenzhou IX in June 2012 and Shenzhou X in June 2013. Both manned missions had three astronauts and lasted about two weeks, during which the astronauts tested the stations various systems and living conditions.第二次和第三次接入每日任务全是载客交会接入每日任务,各自是在二0一二年6月与神舟九号接入,及其在二零一三年6月与神舟十号接入。2次载人航天飞船每日任务都是有三名航天员,時间不断大概两个星期,在这期间宇航员检测了太空站的系统结构和生存环境。